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This quiz explores subjects like out-of-this-world science, epic history, math madness, and language arts that will make your English teacher do a double take.
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    What is the process by which plants make their food using sunlight?

    SCIENCE: What is the process by which plants make their food using sunlight?

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9 days ago
Omg Iā€™m in elementary and I got them all right
22 days ago
i got an 18-20 and everyone says i am dumb so this must be rigged
42 days ago
I got 18 correct out of 20
51 days ago
im in elementary but this is kinda easy...
55 days ago
o got 15 out out of 20........šŸ˜¶
uhm....that is kinda shocking bc i fail a lot of tests in middle school......maybe
its bc im not pressured......
62 days ago
82 days ago
This is just absurd I mean mandarin is the second most spoken language in the world. If you think I am literally lying just search. And I got 5/10 imagine I am literally one of the best students at my school. I think this was written by a 5 year old who just thinks their smarter than all of us combined.
110 days ago
wahhhhhhhh i got 6/10 how weird
135 days ago
apparently, from now on all the governments in the world decided they didn't like 3 sided triangles. plus fo q4, it LITERALLY SAYS THERE ARE 14 TRICYCLES AND I GOT IT WRONG. WHAT THE HECK. AND FOR Q5 IT SAYS 6 WOLVES, 6 LAMB, 6 MINS. THAT MEANS 60 WOLVES, 60 LAMB, 60 MINS. HOW DID I GET THAT WRONG???
148 days ago
bro this quiz has to be wrong, I have straight A's in school and it was mandatory to take an iq test at my school which I got 119 on (btw im 12) this quiz is fr probably written by a third grader
162 days ago
I have roughly the same IQ as Einstein's! 161! Don't tell me I got 8/10!
162 days ago
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162 days ago
Well, just letting you know that the answers two and three should be 3 and Mandarin Chinese, not two and English
162 days ago
10/10! And I am 6!
162 days ago
Apparently a triangle has two sides now
187 days ago
(I'm litterly 9))))))
187 days ago
188 days ago
Am I gonna go flawless
198 days ago
Woohoo I got 8/10 and Iā€™m 10 the minimum age to take this quiz
205 days ago
I get 7.7/10 or 6/10. what do you say about it?