General Knowledge Quiz for 11-14 year olds

The title says it all! But I'll explain just a little bit more. This is a quiz I created that's filled with general information most 10- to 16-year-olds will know. But if you are in this age range and don't get every answer right, it's perfectly OK. Perhaps you'll learn something new!

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    Where is the original Disneyland located?
    Where is the original Disneyland located?

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67 days ago
i got 9/10. how do i ssee which one i got wrong
88 days ago
Hi!I'm miryan I'm 11 and I just got 8/10 on my first trial I guess I'm not really that smart but it's my first trial and I did great by the way I hope I'll be better on my next try out ^ _^
149 days ago
hi i live in australia and i'm 21 by the way the queen died on friday
201 days ago
good test for my son my son got 10/10 answer im also sri lanken im living in baharain
237 days ago
Im from sri lanka. And i love this quiz..i got 10/8..💖💖
321 days ago
i tried again and got 5 so uh yeah
321 days ago
i got 4/10 so uhm beat that haha
324 days ago
i made my own quiz!!! its called "The life and lies of billy" i dont know when it will be up but go check it out
324 days ago
i am so smart for a 40 year old i got 18/3 you should all worship me heh
324 days ago
well im seeing all the 6 year olds in da comments well der bad,i very gud me got0 20/20
325 days ago
the answer for no.5 is Mamnoon Hussain im am from Pakistan, and i am not a english speaker so ignore any mistakes
372 days ago
I'm so happy I got 6 out of ten.I which that I could see the answ
375 days ago
Am ded 💀 I'm 8 and got 0 correct
483 days ago
Silly quiz. Most popular colour is not general knowledge since it varies from country to country. I find it amusing some people here are using this to assess their intelligence and knowledge when judging by the comments...most people here can't even spell correctly.
605 days ago
I am from India so 6 was easy
676 days ago
687 days ago
I scored 10 out of 7
745 days ago
not me thinking i got 10/10 but actually getting 4/10 it might be because its 5 am. anyway i dont think i will pass my grade .
786 days ago
Can I know the correct answer for these questions
789 days ago
Hi 😊 I got 10/10 this quiz was good and I am happy