General Knowledge Quiz For Kids Age 10

You're 10 years old - which is NOT a little kid anymore - and you like to think you're pretty knowledgeable, right? This test will quiz you on some things you should know, depending on the region you live in. Maybe you'll know most of the answers, or maybe you'll learn something new by taking it! Good luck! And if you DON'T get a good score, don't worry, you're not dumb! This knowledge just might not be commonly taught where you live.

  • 1
    What is the name of Pakistan's current president?
    What is the name of Pakistan's current president?
  • 2
    What's the title of the person who helps people buy houses?
  • 3
    If 5 x 5 is 25, then what is 50 x 50?

  • 4
    Mary's mother has five daughters. One is named Taddy, the second is named Taddu, the third is named Tadda, and the fourth is named is Taddo. What is the fifth daughter's name?
  • 5
    Which animal is not a fish?
  • 6
    Who invented the first chemistry lab?

  • 7
    In which game does the referee show a red card if a player hurts another player knowingly?
  • 8
    What is the name of the car that finds love and family in the middle of its big racing career?
  • 9
    Which fruit has its seeds outside?
  • 10
    Who is the honorable human being for Muslims who has been given the title of Al Amin (The Trustworthy) and As-Sadiq (The Truthful) by disbelievers?

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You guys are really good
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I am sad and I am unhappy
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I got 1 out of 10😔😖😫😩😭 so sad
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I got 5 or 6 correct
it was good
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I got 7 / 10
it was ok
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I got 7 / 10
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I got 10/10 with guessing (its true)
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i got 8/10 wth guessing(its true)
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I got only 4/10 and that's probably cause I turned ten last month tho.
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I got 8/10😀 Love it
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Thought ok i suppose
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I got 5/10 not as good as i expected 😀
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I got 6/10. It's still fine for me :)
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I got 8/10
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I got 6/10 ☺️ All right
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I hopefully get it right