Are you smarter than a 7th grade HOMESCHOOLER?

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Hey y'all it's me, #TheGlisteningPizza! Yes, believe it or not I am homeschooled. And, well, I don't really like it when random public/private schooled kids say that us homeschoolers aren't smart or don't know anything. So, I'm setting out into the world to show just what we homeschoolers can do! I'm in 7th grade, so the questions on this test are precepts that were either taught last year or the year before. Please comment your thoughts on this test (don't be offended if this is too easy/hard) and one more thing: NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED! It's only fair, since we don't use 'em! Ha!

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    First let's start off with some MATH! If the two legs of a triangle measure 5 and 12, what is the measure of its hypotenuse?
    First let's start off with some MATH! If the two legs of a triangle measure 5 and 12, what is the measure of its hypotenuse?
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    Who was the first emperor of Rome?
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    What is the use of an anometer?

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    Who was said to be the father of twins Romulus and Remus?
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    What was France's former name?
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    Which of the following is NOT a rational number?

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    If the coordinates on a coordinate plane are (3, 3), (3, -3), (-3, 3) and (-4, -3), the coordinates form a...
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    What element on the Periodic Table is Au?
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    Which of the following is spelled incorrectly?
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    A clause has a...

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9 days ago
615 days ago
You show them #TheGlisteningPizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
666 days ago
wooohooooo i got that really confusing math problem right!!!!!!!! Oh, yeah i got 6 out of 10 btw and it got my grade right. ima 6 grader
713 days ago
im a year 7 homeschooled, yet it says 5-4 grade. I dont know how to read grades. Im English! HALPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
878 days ago
lol i'm a 6th grade home-schooler and in this quiz i'm a 4-5th grader
892 days ago
Yay!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaas!!!!! I got 6th grade even when I’m in 4th grade! Yay!
911 days ago
I am a 7th grade homeschooler, and I work from dawn (6:00) till dusk (7:00-8:00) And I got 9/10 right.
988 days ago
Lol Ravenclaw
991 days ago
Y’all y’all y’all y’all.......I like saying y’all.And I get to say it a lot because I live a place where we say y’all a lot.Fo rael y’all!:)
1000 days ago
#Theglisteningpizza, afe you from Texas? you keep saying "y'all."
1045 days ago
My middle school consists of the dining room, school room, library and living room. The high school is the school, library, living room, and my room. The elementary school is the library, school and living room. The whole house is... you get the idea. Pre-k and nursery.
We have lots of schools in one house 😁(I would like to upside down that but I don't have that one)
1046 days ago
Thanks for all the positive feedback y'all!
1058 days ago
I actually AM a seventh grade homeschooler. I got every one right. Thanks! Great quiz.
1066 days ago
You guessed my grade correctly! I’m in seventh grade too!
1069 days ago
Maybe not half.
But still a lot of people seem to be
1069 days ago
Wow, half the people here seem to b homeschooled.
Maybe we just have more time than public schooled people
1070 days ago
I'm homeschooled and (duh) got 10/10.Yeah,I know,its so aggravating that people treat us like that😊
1072 days ago
Once I told someone that I was going into seventh grade but I had never been in a middle school. He was so suprised and didn’t believe me.
1086 days ago
1098 days ago
Homeschoolers rule the world!