Are you smarter than a First Grader?

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Answer the questions the best you can and figure out if you are smarter than a first grader or you lack in simple education!

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    Which is correct? Kat or Cat or Catt or Kcat?
  • 3
    Who was the first president of the US?

  • 4
    Treat other the way you want to be?
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    Which Is punctuated correctly?

  • 7
    How long is one year?
  • 8
    What are the three states of matter?
  • 9
    What Planet do we live on?
  • 10
    Was First Grade Easy?

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266 days ago
I am a moron. 1 correct,!!!
All my teachers agreed
With my parents that
I was indeed a dummy
and a creeton.
I will go bak ti skool
546 days ago
Ok first of all I picked earth and it said it was the other earth I just find that stupid, this test has made me so enraged that I can’t even handle it anymore.It is very wrong for you to say that first grade was easy, it may have been hard for some people that have a learning disability it understand what was going on.I find it very offensive that I got that question wrong, because I have a learning disability and first grade was quite challenging for me.
1081 days ago
*smacks forehead*
Oh ok! Now I feel stupid for getting a question wrong just for capitalization! Well, thx for the heads up.
1193 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza you got that one wrong because on question eight the correct Earth is spelled with a capital E the wrong Earth is spelled withe a lower e, it was a trick question... kind of!
1194 days ago
I got 9/10 because there were two options for question 8 that asked which planet we lived on and two of the options were both "Earth" but apparently only one was correct and I chose the wrong Earth. Yeah and they're both spelled the same as well. 🤔
1196 days ago
1196 days ago
10/10 EASY!!!Except the Earth one cause there are two options for Earth and only one is right....
1196 days ago
@Michael Jackson Girl, I agree. I was shocked when I saw that. This is the easiest quiz I have ever taken. I mean, I'm not even american and I kbrw the answer to that president question. Everyone should ace this quiz...except if you are a first grader..then that's cool.
1197 days ago
they still didn' tell me😐😶
1197 days ago
On average, 13 of users who took the quiz gave 8.15 right answers.
Really people? 10/10 on this should be as easy as breathing!