Do You Remember Social Studies from School? See if your teachers knew what they were talking about

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Did you learn about foreign countries or U.S. history in school? Is it that you don't remember it, your teacher didn't teach it well, or you know exactly what you're doing? Want to find out? Then take this test!

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    Christopher Columbus was the first to set foot on North American soil.
  • 2
    The capital of Mexico is Monterrey.
  • 3
    The founder of Rhode Island was William Rogers.

  • 4
    The founder of Rhode Island is Roger Williams
  • 5
    Lima is the capital of Peru.
  • 6
    There are 32 states in Mexico.

  • 7
    The capital of Germany is Berlin.
  • 8
    Christopher Columbus was from Portugal.
  • 9
    The American Revolution went on between 1755 and 1806.
  • 10
    George Washington was not the leader of the Continental Army, he was just there for emotional support and that is why he became the first president.

  • 11
    The capital of Norway is Oslo

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37 days ago
9/11 more than I thought!🙂
37 days ago
I got 9/11 thats good considering i'm australian and we don't have the same curriculum
39 days ago
not terrible ig