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Anyone is welcome, except those who carry and bring drama everywhere and those who are rude and impolite

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    It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

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94 days ago
No you should learn the difference between developer and owner 😂😂
95 days ago

This chat (i think) is gonna be active litterlay all the time so join and chat here
96 days ago
P.O.V.: YoUr NaMe Is SuShI.I

103 days ago
Go read what I posted on the fpc tw at
103 days ago
Actually I'm the owner of the quiz so..
And learn the difference between your and you're. Like d amn Lois. You're like 12 right?
103 days ago
Well no actually I don't.And I don't care what you say cause you can't kick me lmao😆.

You and Lucy started that yesterday, not me.Your just sore because I kicked you out yesterday.

And ummmm...You let Lucy here but she has been carrying drama across about FIVE quizzes lol.So sh ut up lol
103 days ago
Uh, I don't think you can be here because it says "anyone is welcome, except those who carry and bring drama everywhere and those who are rude and impolite" and you do all of that so.....
104 days ago
Well she obviously didn't
107 days ago
I thought you said you left Lucy?
107 days ago
lol random knowledge
107 days ago
thats called having your head up your @$$
108 days ago
the period chat is really funny to watch because someone is being so hypocritical and it's so funny cuz they have a problem with someone doing something but they do the same exact thing. They also act like they're better than everyone else and it's funny when they think they're right when they're dead wrong lmao.
108 days ago
Hope you're having fun at camp, I miss you lol
111 days ago
I've gotten to the end and can't find it?Can you help me? Thanks in advance!
113 days ago
It shows you which ones you got wrong after you finish the quiz
114 days ago
I got cool.Low-key genius.😱I learnt most of this when I was in my true or false era.Kinda
114 days ago
Hi, I love this quiz!!!
114 days ago
wait...... which ones r true? 🙁
114 days ago
Yo. cool quiz 😎
116 days ago