How Much Of A Canadian Are You?
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How Much Of A Canadian Are You?

So, you've got the 'aboot's' and 'eh's' down pat, but do you really know about Canada? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:   The two newest Prime Ministers' of Canada are:
Paul Martin; Pierre Trudeau
Jean Chretien; Brian Mulroney
Paul Martin; Jean Chretien

Question 2:   The following musical acts are Canadian:
Sloan; Alanis Morisette; Pat Benetar
Anne Murray; The Beatles; Celine Dion
Tragically Hip; Avril Lavigne; Barenaked Ladies

Question 3:   Canada has survived what 3 "disasters" in 2003:
Flooding; AIDS Epidemic; Frigid Temperatures
SARS Epidemic; Mad Cow Disease; Forest Fires
Flu Epidemic; Vancouver's East Side Murders; Job Losses

Question 4:   What is Canada's Largest City?

Question 5:   Which Sport was invented by a Canadian?

Question 6:   Has Canada chosen to take part in the War In Iraq?
The old Prime Minister said "no" but the new one said "yes"
Yes, they always help the Americans

Question 7:   Canada has a population of about:
60 Million People
15 Million People
30 Million People

Question 8:   In Canada, homosexuals are allowed to marry
No, unless the US says yes
For the time being, yes

Question 9:   The resident "MTV" of Canada is:
Much Music
MTV Canada

Question 10:   Canadian's live in Igloos, eat blubber, and hunt Caribou
Yeah, like 50%
No.. Canada is like the States except they're meaner
Less than 1% do

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