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Ancient Chinese Capstone Test

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    Which was the first grain that was grown and eaten by the Ancient Chinese?
  • 2
    What was the main carbohydrates of Ancient China?
  • 3
    The two types of houses were…?

  • 4
    In early Ancient China, was there an electing system?
  • 5
    In Ancient China, around 1800 B.C.E, what happened to the government system?
  • 6
    Did the Silk Road benefit the variety of food?

  • 7
    What were the colors of the carrots?
  • 8
    What happened during the Han Dynasty that changed the government?
  • 9
    What also happened during the Han Dynasty that changed the food variety?
  • 10
    What became more important in government under the Song Dynasty?

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1791 days ago
Take it again with more information. I got 4 right.