Volcanoes quiz!

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How much do you really know about volcanoes?
This true or false quiz focuses on history and facts.

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    The greatest volcano eruption occurred in 1792
  • 2
    Volcanoes can be underwater
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    Magma is the scientific name for lava

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    Yellowstone, in the states is a Supervolcano
  • 5
    More than 2,500 volcanoes on earth are active.
  • 6
    Hawaii's Mauna Loa is the world's largest active volcano.

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    Lava flowing from a volcano can be hotter than 2100 Fahrenheit.
  • 8
    There are active volcanoes in Canada.(where I'm from)
  • 9
    South America is the only continent with no active volcanoes.
  • 10
    Clouds of ash and gas pour out of volcanoes.

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