Hardest geography quiz ever

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It's a really hard geography quiz

  • 1
    This state has a waterway called the Salton Sea. It also contains a national park called Lassen Volcanoes National Park? Name this state
  • 2
    This state has major waterways called the Colorado River and Lake Mead? Name this state
  • 3
    The nickname of this state is the Free State. Chesapeake Bay is a major waterway in this state. Name this state?

  • 4
    This state shares a national park with North Carolina. The Cumberland River is a major waterway in this state? Name this state?
  • 5
    This state hosted the SuperBowl in 2015. The Colorado River is a major waterway in this state. Name this state?
  • 6
    This state has a major waterways called the Potomac River and the Kanawha River. Name this state?

  • 7
    This state contains the Continental Divide and the Hells Canyon? Name this state?
  • 8
    This state shares a border with Oklahoma and it has a major waterway called the Missouri River. Name this state
  • 9
    Rocky Mountain National Park is located in this state that is also popular for skiing. Name this state?
  • 10
    This state also shares a border with Oklahoma and it was admitted to the Union as the 24th state. Name this state?

  • 11
    The Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in Kitty Hawk in this state that also contains the Roanoke River. Name this state?
  • 12
    This state has the smallest state capital by population and it's also famous for its maple syrup. Name this state?
  • 13
    This state has the Yellowstone Lake and Grand Teton National Park. Name this state?
  • 14
    This state shares a border with Mexico on the Rio Grande River and the Big Bend National Park. Name this state?
  • 15
    This state contains the Millstone River and the Raritan River. Name this state?
  • 16
    This state was the last state to ratify the constitution. It has a major waterway called the Sakonnet River. Name this state?

  • 17
    This state contains Hershey's headquarters and it has a major waterway called the Ohio River. Name this state?
  • 18
    This state contains the Shawnee Hills on the southern corner of the state and its major city is located on Lake Michigan. Name this state?
  • 19
    This state contains International Falls and Voyageurs National Park. Name this state?
  • 20
    This is the largest state east of the Mississippi River and contains the city of Savannah. Name this state?

  • 21
    This state has major rivers known as the Yukon River and the Kuskokwim River. Name this state?
  • 22
    Martin Luther King lived in this state for some time that became the 22nd state to join the union. This state also produces cotton. Name this state?
  • 23
    This state has a governor of Indian Descent. This state also borders the Gulf of Mexico. Name this state?
  • 24
    This state borders Lake Ontario and contains the Adriondack Mountains. Name this state?
  • 25
    Shiraz is one of the major cities in this country that was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. Name this country

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1293 days ago
This literally is the hardest geography quiz ever. I'm a geography geek and I only got 12/25. Great for people who know everything about everything about geography, though.
1888 days ago
Just a little USA biased ... with 24 out of 25 questions.
2363 days ago
The Missouri River also flows through the state of Missouri and it borders Oklahoma. Technically Missouri should have also been a correct answer of #8