Geography 130

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This quiz is a compilation of the last 6 chapters covered in my geo 130 class.

  • 1
    The Great Lakes st. Lawrence climate zone is described as ________
  • 2
    Which of these physiographic regions is not found in Ontario?
  • 3
    Most of Northern Ontario is in what climate zone?

  • 4
    Between 1999 and 2015 what trend occurred in Canadian motor vehicle production?
  • 5
    The Victor Mine, Ontarios first diamond mine is located in the traditional territory of which First Nation?
  • 6
    Ontario has the largest population of Canadas 6 geographic regions.

  • 7
    The most significant relief landform in southern Ontario is _______
  • 8
    Ontarios auto assembly centres are ___
  • 9
    Which Ontario city is known as "Steel City"
  • 10
    The best soft fruit is grown where

  • 11
    What are Ontarios 2 sub regions divided based upon
  • 12
    Southern Ontario is underlain by what kind of rock
  • 13
    Ontario will succeed in the knowledge based economy
  • 14
    From 2005 - 2015 what trend occurred in Ontarios employment in manufacturing?
  • 15
    Northern Ontarios resource economy is based on what two industries?
  • 16
    Which company in Montreal Is one of the leading engineering and construction companies in the world

  • 17
    The largest region in Quebec is the St. Lawrence lowlands
  • 18
    La Grande, Great Whale, Nottaway river basins are all part of the ____
  • 19
    The addition of what territory in 1912 more than doubled Quebecs area?
  • 20
    What is the most significant reason for the seigneurial system?

  • 21
    What 2 sub regions are found in southern Quebec
  • 22
    The climate of the St. Lawrence lowlands is ____
  • 23
    What are the two sub regions of the Appalachian Uplands
  • 24
    What region is found in the extreme North of Quebec
  • 25
    What is the leading export value in Quebec
  • 26
    Bombardier is Canadas leading firm in what industry

  • 27
    In 2015 more than 80% of Quebecs population declared French as their mother tongue
  • 28
    What region is Quebecs population and economic activities concentrated in?
  • 29
    Which industry has experienced substantial job loss and increased global completion in Quebec?

  • 30
    The seigneurial system is characterized by ____

  • 31
    Pallisers triangle overlaps which agricultural zone?
  • 32
    Dominant trend in Western Canadas crop production has been
  • 33
    The ___ Corridor has emerged as the most urbanized region in the province and one of the densest in Canada
  • 34
    What type of climate characterizes Western Canada
  • 35
    Western Canada has which two major and minor physiographic regions - Name the major regions
  • 36
    In the 1670s which company managed much of Canadas western interior for 200 years
  • 37
    Interior plains are underlain by what kind of rock
  • 38
    As farms have grown larger in Saskatchewan, the number of farmers has ___________ and the age of farmers has ____________.
  • 39
    In Western Canada, the pertoleum industry is found primarily in:
  • 40

    Saskatchewan has the largest and highest quality of __________in the world.
  • 41
    During the period 2006-2016, Alberta had the largest percentage population increase of any Canadian province.
  • 42
    What is the best environment for crop agriculture in Western Canada?
  • 43
    What did the Dominion Land Act promise?
  • 44
    The area of land drained by rivers flowing into Hudson Bay was known as
  • 45
    Although agriculture remains the economic anchor in Western Canada, the principle engine of economic growth is natural resource extraction, led by the ____________ industry.
  • 46
    Which two minerals account for most of mining revenue in BC through exports?
  • 47

    Which physiographic sub-region separates south-eastern BC from south-western Alberta?
  • 48
    The combination of elevation, steep-sided valleys and steady flowing rivers provides ideal conditions for the production of which of the folllowing?
  • 49
    Which of the following is NOT one of BC's four largest cities? These four are also BC's four census metropolitan centres.
  • 50
    What was discovered in the Fraser River in 1858 that brought 25,000 people from California?
  • 51
    British Columbia has evolved from a manufacturing economy into a more primary-based economy.
  • 52
    What mainland physiographic sub-region runs along BC's Pacific shore?
  • 53
    British Columbia's Coastal Rain Forest is found within which climate zone?
  • 54

    What proportion of BC's population lives in the lower mainland?
  • 55
    The capial city of BC is____________.
  • 56
    Which industrial sector is currently responsible for employment growth in BC?
  • 57
    Which of the following is NOT one of the three "technical spearheads" in British Columbia's economy?
  • 58

    What type of precipitation occurs on the Pacific coast?
  • 59
    British Columbia lies entirely within the Cordillera physiographic region.
  • 60

    The 65 First Nations who are currently involved in treaty negotiations with the governments of BC and Canada are attempting to
  • 61
    The highest valued catch in the Atlantic fishery is ______.
  • 62
    Which of the four Atlantic Provinces has the largest population?
  • 63
    Which province suffered the largest population decline from 1996 to 2016?
  • 64
    Which Atlantic Canada project has been dubbed a "white elephant" due to its immense cost and questionable economic return?
  • 65

    __________________ is the leading agricultural area in Atlantic Canada.
  • 66
    In the context of the core/periphery model, Atlantic Canada is classed as a _________ region.
  • 67
    Which of the following is NOT primary reason for Atlantic Canada's weak economic performance.
  • 68

    Which two Atlantic Provinces joined Confederation in 1867?
  • 69
    Which of the following resource currently (2014) contributes the most dollar value to the economy of Atlantic Canada?
  • 70

    The decimation of public resources through the selfish actions of individuals is known as the ________.
  • 71
    Atlantic Canada is the least urbanized region of Canada
  • 72
    The Acadians were Spanish settlers expelled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1755.
  • 73

    Where is Atlantic Canada’s Hibernia oil project located?
  • 74

    Atlantic Canada has which two physiographic regions?
  • 75
    Voisey's Bay has great potential for the production of _______.
  • 76

    The presence of petroleum resources in the Territorial North is associated with
  • 77

    The first commercial venture in the Arctic was
  • 78
    From largest to smallest, what is the correct order of the Territories by population?
  • 79
    From 2001 to 2015, why did the population of the Territorial North increase by nearly 28 per cent?
  • 80
    The Aboriginal population constitutes a majority of the total population in the Territorial North.
  • 81
    The Territorial North's two main climate zones are Arctic and
  • 82
    The Ekati mine near Yellowknife was the first mine to produce which of the following?
  • 83
    Nunavut was established as a territory in
  • 84

    The Territorial North is Canada's largest region in area.
  • 85
    How many of Canada's physiographic regions extend across the Territorial North?
  • 86

    In the core/periphery model, the Territorial North is classed as _________.
  • 87
    The vast majority of employees in the Territorial North are employed in the ______ sector.
  • 88
    According to Bone, the physcial geography of the Territorial North is governed not so much by physiography as by the cold environment.
  • 89
    Diamonds are found in
  • 90
    Who sailed to the northern Arctic in 1576 in search of the Northwest Passage?

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