How safe is your water?

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Do you know what you're really drinking?

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    8% of the Earth's water is fresh water.
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    Point sources discharge substances from a discrete pathway such as a pipe, ditch, channel, or tunnel from an industrial site.
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    Some major types of pollutants entering the waterways are foods, plants and animals.

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    Indicator bacteria are used to measure the quality of the water
  • 5
    Nutrient Management Act (2002) requires international business to develop plans to deal with animal and other wastes to prevent contamination.
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    Wet decomposition occurs when particles such as volcanic ash is deposited onto a surface and then converted into acids when it contacts water.

  • 7
    Provinces that are part of the Canadian Shield and on the east coast are hardest hit by acid rain because their water and soil systems can't neutralize the effects of the acid rain
  • 8
    In Eastern Canada there are more than 150 lakes that are “dead” and 48 000 more that are at risk of acid rain destruction.
  • 9
    The nitrogen oxides from the burning of coal and from vehicles also contribute to acid rain
  • 10
    Reduction in air pollution will cause more acid rain.

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