Halloween Quiz
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Halloween Quiz

How much do you know about where Halloween customs came from? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:Halloween was originally...
a German tradition.
from France.
a Scandinavian celebration.
a Celtic celebration.

Question 2:Originally, ________ was used to frighten evil spirits away.
a carved out pumpkin
a lot of sirens
a carved out turnip
painting scary pictures on your shades

Question 3:Costumes were used to...
have fun.
be creative.
hide from, or look like evil spirits.
be fun at the party.

Question 4:The Celts believed on Halloween the 'Lord Of The Dead' arrived. His name is...
the living dead.
the dark one.

Question 5:For the Celts, the seasons were divided into...
the warm half and the cold half.
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
flowers, sunny, leaves and snow.
the light half and the dark half.

Question 6:Some town observed the night before Halloween as 'Gate Night.' It is...
to have a tailgate party.
where people switch gates around the neighborhood.
have an early Halloween party in the yard.
celebrate because it is the gateway to the real holiday.

Question 7:In Ireland, the traditional meal consists of...
boiled potato, curly kale and raw onions.
pumpkin cake, bars and cider.
candy from trick & treating.
baked potatoes, salad and lamb.

Question 8:What do the Irish put into a cup of water to determine health for the next year?
Pumpkin seeds
Ivy leaf
turnip greens

Question 9:A way of finding out who your future spouse is...
you peel an apple without breaking the peel until you're finished.
throw nuts into a bonfire.
throw a coin into the air.
look out the window at midnight.

Question 10:Halloween was originally the Celts...
harvest party
welcoming winter party
New Year
saying goodbye to summer celebration

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