The Early 20th Century History Quiz

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Warning: It's pretty westernized! ...Check out how well you know the early 20th Century:)

  • 1
    Which of the following did not help lead up to World War One?
  • 2
    What year did WWI Begin?
  • 3
    What year did the Americans Join in WWI?

  • 4
    Who were "The Big Four"?
  • 5
    Bloody Sunday in 1905 was what?
  • 6
    What's a Major difference between socialism and communism?

  • 7
    Who led the Bolsheviks?
  • 8
    True or False: Leading up to and during the depression in the United States, farms had a huge surplus of food.
  • 9
    What was the Munich Beer Hall Putsch?
  • 10
    What was the Black Famine?

  • 11
    Pick the correct order of events:
  • 12
    What did Alan Turing contribute during WWII?
  • 13
    Who was in charge before Winston Churchill took over?
  • 14
    Who had the nickname The Desert Fox?
  • 15
    What was the Battle of Midway?

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2886 days ago
given answer on the sixth question is wrong ''One is achieved peacefully, the other through violent revolution'' what does this even mean? this is definitely not the right answer