American Civil War Study Test

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  • 1
    Pick the BEST Definition of a rifle
  • 2
    Pick the BEST Definition of a minie ball
  • 3
    What made army camps smell so bad?

  • 4
    Soldiers often went for weeks without taking a bath or washing their clothes
  • 5
    What are two poor hygiene practices doctors and soldiers did?
  • 6
    What was a Copperhead during the civil war?

  • 7
    Conscription is a synonym for _____ that allows men to ______.
  • 8
    What could you do to avoid serving in the civil war?
  • 9
    Throughout the war, soldiers always had enough food, even though Confederate soldiers were sometimes hungry.
  • 10
    Why was it that at times Confederate soldiers did not have shoes?

  • 11
    The Union had "more" of everything; therefore their soldiers always had a uniform that was the right size.
  • 12
    How did companies select company officers?
  • 13
    The Union never used black soldiers; however the confederacy armed their slaves!
  • 14
    All soldiers that served were "American born" or born in the U.S.A
  • 15
    Men enlisted enthusiastically early in the war--this might be because many were farmers who had never left home--never even ridden a train.
  • 16
    Civil War Soldiers were generally between 18 and 30 years of age. A boy of "middle school age", 11-13 would never be allowed to serve.

  • 17
    The Union also drafted men
  • 18
    What was a bounty? Which side used them?
  • 19
    The Union had to draft more men than the Confederacy
  • 20
    One reason that Southerners were hungry is that Southern trains weren't carrying food to markets, but to move items needed to fight the war.

  • 21
    Only the South suffered from inflation! Inflation in the South went as high as 9000%
  • 22
    How did the increase in northern industry making more items for war change the economy in the country even after the war?
  • 23
    Today on April 15th, Americans pay their income taxes! When was the first income tax passed into law?
  • 24
    Southerners kept cotton from Northern factories as a way to hurt the Northern war effort.
  • 25
    How did slaves resist slavery after the war began?
  • 26
    What did Clara Barton begin after the war?

  • 27
    What job did women take over previously only held by men as a result of war?
  • 28
    Nursing was not a career generally open to women until after the Civil War.
  • 29
    The border states were:
  • 30
    Were the border states slave states or free states?

  • 31
    Identify which state "seceded from the South" (it was part of the Confederacy, but chose to leave and rejoin the U.S)
  • 32
    Were the border states Union or Confederacy?
  • 33
    Why were the border states important?
  • 34
    Identify Union advantages in the war
  • 35
    Identify Confederate Advantages in the war
  • 36
    Identify Union weaknesses in the war
  • 37
    Identify Confederate weaknesses
  • 38
    What was the North's original goal in war?
  • 39
    Later in the war, what goal did the North add?
  • 40
    What was the South's goal in war?
  • 41
    Identify Northern war strategy
  • 42
    What was the name of the Northern strategy?
  • 43
    Who's front yard is now the Arlington National Cemetery?
  • 44
    Who chose the location for Arlington National Cemetery?
  • 45
    Identify what the Confederate Army had to do as a condition of surrender at the Appomattox Courthouse
  • 46
    How was the 13th amendment made?
  • 47
    What did the 13th amendment say?
  • 48
    Who assassinated Lincoln?
  • 49
    What was a consequence for the war?
  • 50
    How did Lee spy on the enemy?
  • 51
    How long did it take Union to battle the Confederacy for Richmond (for the first time)?
  • 52
    What is a popular name for the battle the Union fought to take control of Richmond (the first time)?
  • 53
    Which army retreated at the first battle for Richmond?
  • 54
    Lee decided to attack the North because he needed food and supplies
  • 55
    Lee decided to attack the North because if they won, they could try to talk peace with Lincoln
  • 56
    Lee decided to attack the North because he could give Virginia farmers a rest from battle during harvest season
  • 57
    Lee wanted to attack the North because he wanted Britain and France as allies.
  • 58
    Which state did the Seven Days' Battles take place?
  • 59
    Which Union general attacked the Confederate capital of Richmond (first time)?
  • 60
    Who was Lincoln's best general?
  • 61
    Define Emancipate
  • 62
    Define proclamation
  • 63
    What is the Emancipation Proclamation?
  • 64
    Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation when he did?
  • 65
    What did the Emancipation Proclamation say?
  • 66
    Why hadn't Lincoln made an announcement about ending slavery sooner?
  • 67
    Why were slaves in the border states not freed by the Emancipation Proclamation?
  • 68
    No slaves were set free when the Proclamation was announced. Explain why.
  • 69
    If no slaves were set free why did the Proclamation matter?
  • 70
    What ended slavery once and for all?
  • 71
    Define the war tactic "Total War"
  • 72
    Define the war tactic "entrenched"
  • 73
    Define war tactic "traditional with lines"
  • 74
    Define war tactic "siege"

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