Economic Impact of the Civil War on the North/Transcontinental Railroad

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  • 1
    The North's Economy was based on Agriculture
  • 2
    Slavery was supported by the North
  • 3
    The North had more railroads/infrastructure

  • 4
    Immigrants migrated to the North more than the South
  • 5
    President Lincoln approved the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad
  • 6
    The Transcontinental Railroad was completed In Utah

  • 7
    The Homestead Act required you to settle West for 10 years in return for land
  • 8
    The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific were the railroad companies hired to complete the Transcontinental Railroad
  • 9
    Travels West took nearly 4 months to complete prior to the Transcontinental Railroad
  • 10
    Some War veterans helped complete the Transcontinental Railroad

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