The Road to Revolution
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The Road to Revolution

Something between the 13 colonies and the Revolutionary War. Includes some French and Indian war.

Question 1:   Which state did not belong to Spain?
New Mexico

Question 2:   Which lands were claimed by France?
All the lands to the North of the Missouri River.
Where the 13 colonies were.
West from St. Lawrence River to the Great Lakes and south to the Gulf of Mexico

Question 3:   What started the French/Indian War?
The English killed numerous French traders for no reason.
The English tried to take over the fur trade.
The French wanted to take over the 13 colonies

Question 4:   Which Native Americans were on the British side?

Question 5:   Why did the French expect the Indians to side with them?
They were farmers, not hunters.
They stayed away from the Indians.
They didn't destroy hunting grounds.

Question 6:   Which Indians sided with the French?

Question 7:   When were the opening shots of the French/Indian war fired?

Question 8:   What fort did George Washington build in his first campaign?
Fort Duquesne
Fort Necessity
Fort Ticonderoga

Question 9:   Why was the Albany Congress formed?
To surrender
To negotiate a treaty
To plan a united defense

Question 10:   Who proposed the Albany Plan of Union?
George Washington
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson

Question 11:   Who voted to accept the plan of union?
The colonial assemblies
The Indians
The delegates

Question 12:   What was a French advantage in the war?
The French Navy ruled
The population of the French was 15 times greater than the British
The French had 1 single government that could act quickly when necessary

Question 13:   What was a British advantage in the war?
They had more Indian support
They had 1 single government that could act quickly when necessary.
The English Colonies were easier to defend because they were all clumped together

Question 14:   Who led the British and colonial troops in an attack against Fort Duquesne?
James Wolfe
General Edward Braddock
George Washington

Question 15:   Who was with Braddock?
George Washington
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson

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