Oregon Fever II
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Oregon Fever II


Question 1:   How many people arrived in Oregon between 1840 and 1860?

Question 2:   In 1821, Spain gave _________ a land grant in Texas. His son took over this land grant when he died before he could set up this colony. Who is ______?
Sam Houstin
Moses Austin
Stephen Austin

Question 3:   Who moved with 300 families to Texas?
Stephen Austin
Moses Austin
Sam Houstin

Question 4:   The settlers who moved to Texas agreed to do everything but what?
Become citizens of Mexico
Worship in the Roman Catholic Church
Obey the Mexican Laws
Respect the Native American land boundaries.

Question 5:   In 1833, _____________ came to power in Mexico.
Juan Diego
Guadalupe Hidalgo
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Question 6:   What was a tejano?
Mexican who lived in Texas
Texan who lived in Mexico
Santa Anna's supporters

Question 7:   When did the Texas Rebellion start?
August 1856
October 1835
February 1836

Question 8:   Texans declared their Independence when?
October 1845,
February 23, 1836
March 21, 1836

Question 9:   Which of these does NOT describe the Alamo?
supplies of ammunition and medicine were low
Surrounded by walls 15 feet high and 3 feet thick.
Access to water was limited
Very little warm clothing

Question 10:   Who was appointed commander of the Texan Army?
William Travis
Davy Crockett
Sam Houston

Question 11:   Who commanded the Texans inside the Alamo?
Sam Houston
Davy Crockett
William Travis

Question 12:   How many Texans were in the Alamo?
a lot...nobody knows how many

Question 13:   For 12 days the Texas fought off the 6000 Mexican soldiers led by Santa Anna. True Or False: Travis never received much help because no large army ever arrived.
I like monkeys.

Question 14:   ON March 6, 1846, The Alamo walls came down. When the bodies were counted, what was the number of casualties?
100 Texans, 364 Mexicans
1000 Texans, 389 Mexicans
183 Texans, 1500 Mexicans

Question 15:   Which of these famous frontiersman were NOT inside the mission?
Davy Crockett
Jim Bowie
Jedediah Smith

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