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  • 1
    Who stepped in and saved the Jamestown colony?
  • 2
    What cash crop turned the fortunes of Jamestown around?
  • 3
    Poor farmers and settlers versus rich eastern planters in VA over protection from Indians.

  • 4
    Which early colony war sowed the seeds of the American Revolution?
  • 5
    Why did the French and Indian War happen?
  • 6
    Town Hall meetings exhibited their belief in citizen participation.

  • 7
    Rich land owners were called Cavaliers.
  • 8
    They agreed to live under agreed upon laws such as the mayflower compact.
  • 9
    This group included a penal colony.
  • 10
    They were religiously tolerant and included Quakers and Catholics.

  • 11
    Social status and participation in the colonial government were limited to church members.
  • 12
    Status and wealth depended on land ownership.
  • 13
    The Salem Witch trials were an example of their religious intolerance.
  • 14
    The House of Burgesses was the first representative body in these colonies.
  • 15
    They relied heavily on a plantation economy and slavery.
  • 16
    American colonists had no representation in the English Parliament meant _______.

  • 17
    What did Thomas Paine write that was a pamphlet listing grievances against King George III.
  • 18
    It was a minor skirmish but the first shots of the American Revolution were fired at...?
  • 19
    What was the first major battle of the American Rev.?
  • 20
    Washington crossed the Delaware River and defeated the Hessians at the Battle of ______.

  • 21
    What is considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War?
  • 22
    Why was Saratoga the turning point of the Rev. War?
  • 23
    The British surrendered after the Battle of _______.
  • 24
    What made this battle an American Victory?
  • 25
    What was the greatest weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
  • 26
    What issue was a source of major disagreement at the Constitutional Convention?

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