US History

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This is a multiple choice quiz to see how much you really know of US History! Find out how many questions you can answer correctly. Some questions are hard and some are easy, but give your best! The questions are a few random ones here and there throughout history.

  • 1
    In what year was America discovered by Christopher Colombus?
  • 2
    Which of these states were some of the original thirteen colonies?
  • 3
    Who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?

  • 4
    Who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
  • 5
    How many years did the Civil War last?
  • 6
    What Civil War battle raised the North's morale and marked a turning point in the war?

  • 7
    Who laid a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean?
  • 8
    Who was the President of the United States during the Great War(World War 1)
  • 9
    How many types of marble were used to build the Washington Monument?
  • 10
    What two groups of immigrants worked on the Transcontinental Railroad?

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