The Bill of Rights
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The Bill of Rights

Question 1:   What is the Bill of Rights?
Rights of dogs and cats
A law passed by Bill Clinton
The right to money
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution

Question 2:   What is NOT included in the first amendment?
Freedom of press
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Freedom to own a pet

Question 3:   What is the second amendment?
The right to own a fish
Freedom of speech
The right to have children
The right to bear arms

Question 4:   What does quartering a soldier mean?
Giving a soldier a quarter
Cornering a soldier in an alley way
Giving a soldier a high five
Putting the soldier in your house with food

Question 5:   What does the government need in order to search your property?
A good reason
Your address
Your name
A warrant

Question 6:   What is NOT included in the fifth amendment?
Due process
The right to own a pet
Double jeopardy
No private property being taken away for public use

Question 7:   What do the sixth and seventh amendments have in common?
They both are numbers
They both pertain to animals
They both pertain to trials
They both were written in 2003

Question 8:   What is excessive bail that the eight amendment talks about?
Paying too little money
Not paying any money
Receiving money
Paying too much money

Question 9:   Where do all the other powers not given to the US go?
The people and the state

Question 10:   Where is the preamble located?
After the Bill of Rights
After the Constitution
There is no preamble
Before the Bill of Rights

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