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  • 1
    The early colonists relied heavily upon support from Britain
  • 2
    American colonists were not strictly controlled by English law and government
  • 3
    The colonists only objected to the practice of quartering

  • 4
    The Boston Tea Party occurred in 1776
  • 5
    Patrick Henry shouted “give me liberty or give me death”
  • 6
    When the first continental congress met, the members all wanted to declare war against England

  • 7
    The First Continental congress met in Philadelphia in 1776
  • 8
    George Washington was selected to command the continental army
  • 9
    The second continental congress ran our government for 7 years
  • 10
    The revolutionary war began with a shot fired in Concord

  • 11
    The declaration of independence was written to begin the revolutionary war
  • 12
    The declaration was adopted by the second Continental Congress and July 4, 1776
  • 13
    The articles of confederation was strong because the colonist gave many powers to the new federal government
  • 14
    The constitutional convention was held in Philadelphia in 1776
  • 15
    There were 13 delegates to the Constitutional convention
  • 16
    The building in which the convention mat is now called Independence Hall

  • 17
    The official purpose of the convention was to write a new constitution
  • 18
    The New Jersey plan called for a legislative body based on population
  • 19
    The delegates at the constitutional convention trusted in the ordinary citizens of America
  • 20
    all 13 former colonies were joined in the new union by 1790

  • 21
    The federalist propose the bill of rights
  • 22
    James Madison proposed first amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1789
  • 23
    The Bill of Rights was created to protect the rights of the people against the federal government
  • 24
    censorship is one of the rights protected by the Bill of Rights
  • 25
    The constitution does not protect individuals with unpopular views
  • 26
    The Bill of Rights apply to all levels of government

  • 27
    The Constitution allows laws to be made for things that did not exist in 1787
  • 28
    The Constitution provides for a government by the people
  • 29
    information about the amending passes for the US constitution can be found in article 6
  • 30
    the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States

  • 31
    Illinois became a state in 1815
  • 32
    Illinois has had three state capitals
  • 33
    both the Illinois constitution and the federal Constitution has a bill of rights
  • 34
    Illinois has had four state constitutions
  • 35
    Samuel Witwer worked against the passage of the 1970 constitution
  • 36
    The first seal used by Illinois was that of the northwest territory
  • 37
    They have been 4 seals used by the residents of Illinois
  • 38
    The secretary of state is the keeper of the great seal
  • 39
    The us senate is the main body of the legislative branch
  • 40
    the president of the United States has the power to call Congress into a special session
  • 41
    The Congress meets in the capital building in Washington DC
  • 42
    there are times when members of Congress cannot be arrested
  • 43
    The daily record of the Congress is called a congressional record
  • 44
    The US house of representatives have 435 members
  • 45
    The term of each Congress begins on January 3 of each even numbered year and last for two years
  • 46
    members of the US house representative serve 2 year terms
  • 47
    all bills for revenue began in the U.S. Senate
  • 48
    The house of representatives has the sole power of impeachment
  • 49
    The US Senate was designed to favor the larger states
  • 50
    The vice President of the United States is the chief officer in the US Senate
  • 51
    The US Senate must approve the nominations of the President of the United States
  • 52
    in cases of impeachment the US Senate serves as a defense of the accused
  • 53
    A census must be administrated by Congress every 20 years

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