Scottish History
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Scottish History

I don't know why there isn't one already, Scotland rules! Mostly about Macbeth, but don't listen to the play!

Question 1:   Who is Kenneth MacAlpin?
A soldier under William Wallace
The third murderer.
The first king of Scotland

Question 2:   What two tribes were united in Scotland?
the Scots and the Picts.
the Celts and the Britons
the Vikings and the Celts

Question 3:   How long was Duncan I king?
twenty years
fourteen years
six years.

Question 4:   Which city was Macbeth mormear(lord) of?
Glamis AND Cawdor

Question 5:   What was Lady Macbeth's name?

Question 6:   Who was her first husband?
Donald ban
Macbeth, she wasn't married to anyone else.

Question 7:   What happened to him?
He died of the black plague.
He never existed.
He was burned alive in his fort by Macbeth and his supporters because he killed Macbeth's father.

Question 8:   What year did Macbeth kill Duncan?

Question 9:   Why and how did he kill him?
He stabbed him in his sleep so he could become king.
He didn't. It was a figment of Shakespeare's imagination.
Duncan came after him, and he killed him in battle.

Question 10:   Earl Seward from Northumbria forced Macbeth to give up a place but he reclaimed it later. What was that place?

Question 11:   Where was Macbeth defeated?

Question 12:   Where was Macbeth defeated again and killed?
He was killed the first time.

Question 13:   Who was king after Macbeth?
His stepson, Lulach.
Duncan's son, Malcolm

Question 14:   Who killed him?
His son, Edgar.
A soldier with a spear and a key.
Malcolm. that treacherous scum!

Question 15:   Why was he special?
He was the last purely Celtic monarch.
Because he was the old kings son, which was rare back then.
Because everyone is special.....

Question 16:   What is Malcolm III's last name. Or maybe its more of a nick name....
I don't know, but his middle name was Filth.
Canmore, from the Gaelic "Cean More" meaning big head.

Question 17:   Who was his second wife?

Question 18:   What did she do? (hint: its evil.)
Cheated on him.
Was a witch.
She made up the story about witches to discredit Macbeth.

Question 19:   What was different about the real Banquo?
He was Macbeth's accomplice.
He was also king.
He never existed. Fleance did, though.

Question 20:   Where was the document asking the Pope to support Scottish Independence written?

Question 21:   What did King James VI/I do?
Declaration of Abroath.
Union of the crowns.
Glencoe Massacre

Question 22:   Who wrote the poem "The Signal of the Bruce"?
William Wordsworth
Robert Burns

Question 23:   How many people died in the Glencoe Massacre? (including those who died of exposure.)
300 or more
100 or more
around 58

Question 24:   Who was behind the Glencoe Massacre?
The Jacobites
The Campbells acting independently
The king of England (and Scotland, D***n the union of the crowns.)

Question 25:   How long was Macbeth king?
2-4 months
seventeen years.
six years

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