Modern Chinese History Quiz
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Modern Chinese History Quiz

Do you know all there is to know about the modern history of the most populous country in the world? Check here to find out...

Question 1:   What series of wars with Britain forced China to allow the import of narcotics?
The Tonkin Wars
The Cocaine Wars
The Sino-British Wars
The '50s Wars
The Opium Wars

Question 2:   Who was the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty?
Mao Zedong

Question 3:   What man is credited by those on the mainland and in Taiwan as the father of modern China?
Mao Zedong
Chiang Kai-Shek
Douglas MacArthur
Sun Yat-Sen

Question 4:   What year marked the founding of the People's Republic of China?

Question 5:   What was the name of the disaster that aimed to improve China's production capacity but ended in starvation for tens of millions?
Cultural Revolution
Food for the Masses
Catch up with Technology
The Road to Ruin
Great Leap Forward

Question 6:   In which Chinese city did Japanese soldiers massacre as many as 300,000 Chinese civilians during WWII?
Hong Kong

Question 7:   What is the name of the epic journey the Communists undertook in 1934 to escape the bombardments of the Kuomintang?
The Westward Journey
The Long March
The Journey to Victory
Over the Mountains and through the Woods
The March for the Republic

Question 8:   Which city did the Communists make their home in from 1935 until the end of the Japanese occupation?
Hong Kong
Guangzhou (Canton)

Question 9:   What is the name of the more market-oriented economic plan enacted after the death of Mao Zedong that has driven China to two decades of remarkable economic growth?
Reform and Opening
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Three Represents
The West is Best
Capitalist Road

Question 10:   What was the name of the devastating social program that destroyed many of China's cultural relics, sent its young people to toil in the countryside, and almost threw the country into anarchy between 1966 and 1976?
The Great Proletarian Victory
The Masses for Mao
Cultural Revolution
The Red Guard Uprising
The Beijing Plan

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