Cuban Revolution

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Answer the following questions

  • 1
    Cuba gained it's independence from Spain when?
  • 2
    The dictator of Cuba until 1959 was who?
  • 3
    Castro attempted to overthrow who's government for 7 years?

  • 4
    Who's government and the US government did not get along so well?
  • 5
    Due to the harsh events, the US placed an ___________ on goods from Cuba in 1962.
  • 6
    After a decline in health gave up the Cuban presidency on February 19,2008.

  • 7
    There is still a on goods from Cuba.
  • 8
    As a result of the embargo, poor and bad government planning, Cuba's economy has become very poor
  • 9
    In October of 1962, US planes spotted secret missile bases in Cuba.
  • 10
    The purpose of the bay of pigs was to overthrow .

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2398 days ago
The wording of 2, 8 and 9 are badly mixed up.
2. Asks who was the dictator overthrown in 1959. His name was Fulgencio Batista. You give one answer as Fulgencio and another as Batista
8. Says Cuba's economy has become very poor. You give three possible answers: economy, harvest or government. It is grammatically and logically mixed up. An economy does not become a harvest. A harvest is part of an economy.
9. Says "In October of 1962, US planes spotted secret missile bases in Cuba." This does not ask a question or have blank to fill. You seem to ask who brought the missiles. The Soviet Union brought the missiles. One of your answers is Soviet, another is Union. The two words need to be combined for the right answer.
2445 days ago
WRONG my class was very confused