Ancient Egypt

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Facts about Ancient Egypt

  • 1
    On the Egyptian social pyramid soldiers are the 2nd most important Egyptian
  • 2
    The Nile river killed many people because of the floods it caused, they lost lots of money and expensive objects.
  • 3
    The most important Egyptian type on the social pyramid is called a Pharaoh.

  • 4
    When Egyptians are mummified there brain is pulled out with a hook that goes into their nose and then into their brain.
  • 5
    When Egyptians are mummified they are stuffed with rice to keep them from rotting and to dry their body
  • 6
    One of the ancient Egyptian gods was a human body with a lizard head.

  • 7
    A rulers name was called King tut
  • 8
    Female Ancient Egyptians where treated with respect and equal to Male Ancient Egyptians.
  • 9
    There are 8 gods that the Ancient Egyptians believe in.
  • 10
    Ancient Egyptians made pyramids for the future evidence, so we can fly over there and see.

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