The Ultimate History Test
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The Ultimate History Test

Are you REALLY a history buff or have you just been dozing in class? Take the test to find out!

Question 1:What U.S. President came up with Star Wars?
George W. Bush
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter

Question 2:According to legend, how did Nero's wife Poppaea Sabina die?
Nero kicked her to death.
She put an asp to her breast.
She was poisoned by her son.
She was crucified.

Question 3:President George Bush sent troops into Panama to take out Manuel Noriega. How did they do it?
They bombed his compound.
They smoked him out.
They simply went into his house and got him out.
They blared him out with rock music.

Question 4:Which Roman emperor slept with his sister and made his favorite horse consul?

Question 5:Who is the Desert Fox?
George Patton
Erwin Rommel
Douglas MacArthur
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Question 6:Who wrote The Art of War?
Mao Zedong
Chiang Kai-shek
Sun Tzu

Question 7:Name the man who reportedly had information on the Pearl Harbor attack before it actually happened.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman
J. Edgar Hoover
Winston Churchill

Question 8:King Edward VIII of Great Britain abdicated the throne to marry what American socialite?
Grace Kelly
Gloria Vanderbilt
Monica Lewinsky
Wallis Simpson

Question 9:To whom was Mark Antony married when he did the dirty deed with Cleopatra?
the daughter of Julius Caesar
his niece
he wasn't married
the sister of Octavian Augustus

Question 10:Nicholas II's son Alexi had what disease?
sickle cell anemia

Question 11:In the Zimmerman telegraphs, Germany promised this country free American land if it joined the Central Powers (WWI). Name this country.

Question 12:Who wrote The Feminine Mystique, the book that sparked the Women's Right Movement in the U.S.? This same woman founded NOW.
Gloria Steinham
Susan B. Anthony
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Betty Friedan

Question 13:Who was the leader of the Free French underground movement in WWII?
Georges Pompidou
Charles DeGaulle
Jacques Chirac
Jean-Marie LePen

Question 14:Pravda was a type of propaganda for what country?
Nazi Germany

Question 15:What is 'quartering'?
A trade method used in the Middle Ages
A type of sport invented in Scotland
A game played by the Celtics
A method of execution in the Middle Ages

Question 16:Which of Henry VIII's wives gave birth to his only surviving son?
Catherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Jane Seymour

Question 17:What was the nationality of Alexandra, last czarina of Russia?

Question 18:In 1793, Poland was divided up by which three countries in order to avoid war?
France, Britain, and Germany
Russia, Britain, and France
Prussia, Russia, and Austria
Austria, France, and Germany

Question 19:Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt's many memorials were destroyed at the orders of her jealous stepson. What was her stepson's name?
Thutmose II
Thutmose III

Question 20:What excuse did Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein use for murdering 5000 Kurds?
They were involved in a rebellion against him.
He denied having done such a thing.
The Kurds had sided with Iran in the Iraq-Iran War.
They had secretly practiced Christianity.

This Quiz has been designed by Andrea Pietrzyk.