IB Socials 9 Practice Final

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Here it is, my practice test. If you do well on this, then good for you. Use this as PRACTICE and to find out what you need to study. Dont assume the real test will be as easy/hard as this!

  • 1
    French Voyageurs travelled mostly ______ in their trading explorations.
  • 2
    The Declaration of Independence was written mostly by whom?
  • 3
    Which natural occurence shaped the terrain of North America?

  • 4
    The shelters used by the plains people were called:
  • 5
    What was the middle class known as at the time of the French Revolution?
  • 6
    People who purchased land and sold it for a higher price were called:

  • 7
    A responsible government is where the council members are chosen from the:
  • 8
    At the end of the Seven Years War, Wolfe and Montcolme:
  • 9
    What is Circumnavigation?
  • 10
    Which physical region do we live in?

  • 11
    Large amounts of _______ sparked European interest in Canada
  • 12
    What was the main cause of the French Revolution?
  • 13
    Who led the rebellions in Lower Canada?
  • 14
    Which one of these colonies DID NOT join confederation?
  • 15
    What did the Hudson Bay Company use as currency?
  • 16
    Which one of these WAS NOT an intolerable act?

  • 17
    What did George and Robert Stephenson invent?
  • 18
    The elite in Upper Canada were known as the ___________
  • 19
    Which Native group had a democratic-like society?
  • 20
    French Fur Traders sent out by Samuel De Champlain were known as what?

  • 21
    The Durham report recommended:
  • 22
    What did the Seven Years War end with?
  • 23
    The Hudson's Bay Company was formed by which two men?
  • 24
    The MAIN cause of the War of 1812 was:
  • 25
    At the time of the Industrial Revolution, England had a ____________ government
  • 26
    What type of climate is strongly influence by a large body of water?

  • 27
    The idea of _________ led to the first North American Colonies
  • 28
    What are the ingredients used to make pemmican?
  • 29
    What did Simon Fraser call British Columbia?
  • 30
    Which act divided Canada into upper and lower Canada?

  • 31
    Victorian newspapers were a source of:
  • 32
    Who claimed Newfoundland for England?
  • 33
    Which French King was known as the Sun King?
  • 34
    What political party was John A. Macdonald in charge of?
  • 35
    What did black immigrants NOT face in Canada

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