History test 1

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US history since 1877

  • 1
    The leader of the radical republicans in the house of representatives who was a driving force behind military reconstruction acts was Charles Summers.
  • 2
    The founder of the labor organization, the knights of labor was Terence Powderly
  • 3
    The first mail-order company in the US was Sears, Roebuck and Company

  • 4
    The southern paramilitary organization who
    terrorized black southerners during reconstruction was the Freedman's Bureau
  • 5
    The New York banker/financier who purchased the controlling stake in Carnegie Steel to create the US Steel Corporation was J.P Morgan.
  • 6
    Southern sympathizers who supported the republican-controlled, reconstruction governments in the South were called "Carpetbaggers."

  • 7
    The reclaiming of political control of governance in the South is sometimes called "redemption"
  • 8
    The former actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln was John Barrymore.
  • 9
    The ruthless entrepreneurs who made enormous profits from the rapacious capitalism of the Gilded Age were known as the "Robber-Barons."
  • 10
    The supreme court case that established the legal precedent for the doctrine of "separate but equal" was the Slaughter-House Case.

  • 11
    In 1864, the Congress sent the_________ bill to the president in a bid to claim control over the process of reconstruction
  • 12
    The entrepreneur who built the Standard Oil Trust into a business combination controlling much of the American oil trade was _________
  • 13
    The Jewish cigar maker who founded the American Federation of Labor was ______
  • 14
    The efficiency expert whose ideas transformed manufacturing production procedures and contributed to the greater efficiency of American manufacturing was ________
  • 15
    The African American principal who argued for an accommodation with the white South in his 1895 "Atlanta Compromise Speech" was ________
  • 16
    The ultimate victor in the controversial Election of 1876 was ________

  • 17
    The extrajudicial murder of African Americans by white mobs in the South was known as _______
  • 18
    The form of agricultural organization where landless African Americans and poor whites rented plots of land to grow for large landholders was know as ______
  • 19
    The de-fact and de-jure attempts to separate the races in the South was known as ______
  • 20
    Abraham Lincoln's plan to bring the states of the Confederacy back into the Union was known as the _______

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