History Chapter 2 Test Preparation

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Test preparation for Chapter 2 European Expansion.

  • 1
    The peninsular class held which jobs in New Spain.
  • 2
    Which explorer helped Europeans understand the true size of the world?
  • 3
    What name did La Salle give the lower Mississippi Valley?

  • 4
    Which English king established the "Church of England"?
  • 5
    The Spanish first enslaved which culture to work in the mines?
  • 6
    Where did Columbus originally think he reached?

  • 7
    Define: Mercantilism
  • 8
    Name the leader of the Aztecs when Cortez attacked.
  • 9
    Which explorer was set afloat when his crew mutinied?
  • 10
    Which explorer traveled through Texas looking for a golden city?

  • 11
    Columbus was born in Italy, but sailed his voyages backed by which county?
  • 12
    Leif Erikson sailed Newfoundland FROM which Island?
    Leif Erikson sailed Newfoundland FROM which Island?
  • 13
    Which English explorer sailed around Newfoundland?
  • 14
    Which European country set up trading posts with Native Americans?
  • 15
    Balboa was the first European explorer to see what?
  • 16
    What does the term "Coureurs de bois" mean?

  • 17
    Ponce de Leon, the first Spaniard to set foot in what is now the USA, landed in what now present state?
  • 18
    Name Columbus' three ships
  • 19
    What were English and French explorers looking for to the North?
  • 20
    England could begin colonies in the New World because they defeated what famous navy?

  • 21
    Which explorers has a strait named after him?
  • 22
    Which Native leader was executed even after paying a large ransom?
  • 23
    Name the native culture of the parents of a mestizo.
  • 24
    Dutch, Fort Orange, became which English city.
  • 25
    Which two explorers vanished without a trace?
  • 26
    What caused the death of most enslaved Native Americans?

  • 27
    Who was probably the first European explorer to land in the Americas?

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