Khalid Ibn Al-Walid

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A rashidun commander of the muslim army; Khalid was a companion to the prophet Muhammad and is well known for his tactical genius in warfare. This quiz questions about the tiniest details of Khalid's life, but the focus spans most periods of his life

  • 1
    How much of Makhzum's DNA did Khalid inherit?
  • 2
    What was the name of Khalid's biological mother?
  • 3
    Which weapon was Khalid noted to be fond of from an early age?

  • 4
    Which disease was Khalid infected with during his travels with the nomadic/bedouins as a child?
  • 5
    Which of Khalid's brothers was kidnapped by the muslims following the battle of badr?
  • 6
    What was the name of the battle in which Khalid seized the Ainain hill and dispatched off the Archers stationed there?

  • 7
    During which battle did Khalid successfully utilise the Pincer Movement to dismantle the enemy army?
  • 8
    Out of the ~200 battles Khalid fought in, how many did he lose?
  • 9
    What attribute of Khalid's Muslim army was noted by the Romans and Persians?
  • 10
    In which city and year did God sheathe his sword?

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