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Did the Historical Thing Happen?

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This quiz will ask you whether the historical event happened. In the end, you may get ' history genius', ' mild contestant ', or 'you need to practice history '.

  • 1
    William McKinley died the same year as Queen Victoria.
  • 2
    Alexander the Great was buried alive.
  • 3
    Abraham Lincoln loved playing the saxophone.

  • 4
    Micheal Jackson's daughter died in a car crash.
  • 5
    The Ottoman Empire was originated by the Kayi Clan.
  • 6
    Sogut was captured by the Turks.

  • 7
    Julius Ceaser was assassinated.
  • 8
    Malcolm X was not a peaceful protester.
  • 9
    Martin King's middle name was 'Luther'
  • 10
    Queen Mary of Scots liked beatboxing.

  • 11
    Life was hard as a Peasant.
  • 12
    Women were not allowed to vote years ago.
  • 13
    Mount Vesuvius erupted in Pompeii.
  • 14
    Children worked in chimneys in the Victorian ages.
  • 15
    During World War II, a Great Dane named Juliana was awarded the Blue Cross Medal. She extinguished an incendiary bomb by peeing on it!
  • 16
    There were female Gladiators in Ancient Rome.

  • 17
    Women didn't have lots of rights back then.
  • 18
    Uxbridge, London, used to be called Coxbridge.
  • 19
    Grave Robbers usually stole rich people's graves.
  • 20
    King Tutankhamun was the coolest Pharaoh

  • 21
    Esther was considered a good Queen by Jews.
  • 22
    The Great Fire of London started in 1667
  • 23
    Here is a totally random question: Is the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world.
  • 24
    Newton Discovered Gravity When an Apple Fell on His Head
  • 25
    Einstein Failed Math as a Student.
  • 26
    Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times

  • 27
    Vikings Wore Horned Helmets.
  • 28
    The Colosseum was originally clad entirely in marble
  • 29
    Van Gogh cut off his ear in a fit of madness
  • 30
    The Wright Brothers created the plane.

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