How well do you know History?

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In The Past, You can remember anything. How well is your knowledge in History

  • 1
    In 520, An Italian monk wrote a strict yet practical of rules.

    Who Wrote?
  • 2
    In 2018, medical scholar Michael McCormick nominated the worst year to be alive in.

    What year?
  • 3
    An empire between Europe was formed from the Francis Empire and lasted for a long time.

    What Was the Empire

  • 4
    In an invasion of Great Britain, Was a famous war, Destroyed many conflicts.

    Who Invaded?
  • 5
    A big, contagious empire was formed in Eurasia And founded by great leader Genghis Khan

    What Was The Empire?
  • 6
    A new weapon was replaced for war, it can travel and it was useful.

    What was it

  • 7
    The Portuguese Went to the other side to get to India. They Failed, However they claimed some land.

    What piece of land was it?
  • 8
    There were these types of empires, claimed the area of most countries.

    What were they called?
  • 9
    After the Brits found that they found better uses of technology. These Were famous for…
  • 10
    WW1 And WW2:

    These two wars had something similar.
    Who Were the Victorious On both of these Wars

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