World War One History

See if you really are a WWI buff.

Question 1: Whose assassination was one of the direct causes for the war?
Prince Edward
Tsar Nicholas II
President Wilson
Archduke Ferdinand

Question 2: Who was the ruler of Germany during the war?
Tsar Nicholas I
Kaiser Strachan
Kaiser Wilhem II

Question 3: What event caused Russia to pull out of the war?
economic slowdown
lack of public support
Russian Revolution

Question 4: What was the real name of the Red Baron?
William Avery Bishop
Joseph Goebbels
Francis Goering
Manfred Von Richthofen

Question 5: Who were the Central Powers in WWI?
Italy, Japan, Germany
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
US, England, France,

Question 6:Where was the peace treaty signed?
New York City

Question 7: What caused the Americans to join the war?
A German U-boat sunk the Lusitania
President Wilson was assassinated by a German diplomat
Pearl Harbor was bombed
The Germans invaded the US

Question 8: What nickname was give to American soldiers?
Uncle Sam
Son's of Liberty

Question 9: When did the fighting on the Western Front end?
Nov. 11, 1918
Dec. 2, 1918
Jan. 25, 1919
Nov 1. 1918

Question 10:Who was the first leader of Russia after TsarNicholas II abdicated the throne?
Alexander Kerensky
Andrei Kirilenko
Vladimir Lenin
Joseph Stalin

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