9th Grade History On WW1-WW2 Part 2

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  • 1
    Which did not appeal to the nationalists from the 25 point program?
  • 2
    From Hitler's 25 point program which did not appeal to socialists?
  • 3
    From Hitler's 25 point program what did not appeal to the racists?

  • 4
    The Nazis did not appeal to who?
  • 5
    The Nazis were popular with all but who?
  • 6
    How did the Nazis deal with their opponents?

  • 7
    Who were "untermensch"?
  • 8
    What's an extremist?
  • 9
    What was the Nazis first called?
  • 10
    In 1928 how many seats did the Nazis gain in an election?

  • 11
    How many seats out of the 491 were Nazis?
  • 12
    Who was the 8th largest party?
  • 13
    Nazi newspaper and party banned. Lifted in 1925 then Hitler made a speech and was then banned for 2 years from giving speeches. When was this after?
  • 14
    The Nazis did not appeal to who? And they were more likely to support left wing parties (social democratic )
  • 15
    1925 persuaded authorities to lift ban of Nazi party. In 1926 Nazi organizations abolished to try and appeal to certain interest groups except?

  • 16
    What happened at the Bamberg conference?

  • 17
    Each regional organization(Gau) put under control of a party..What was this?
  • 18
    The Nazis offered things to the working class, which was not one of them?
  • 19
    What did the Nazis offer the Middle class?

  • 20
    What did the Nazis offer farmers?

  • 21
    What did the Nazis offer Women?
  • 22
    What did the Nazis offer nationalists and the German armed forces?
  • 23
    In The Elections in September 1930, how many seats did the Nazi's win?
  • 24
    In July 1932, How many seats did the Nazi's win?
  • 25
    Who was Papen?
  • 26
    In November 1932 how many seat did the Nazi's have?

  • 27
    What was the Emergency Decree of 1933?
  • 28
    The Enabling act of 1933 allowed for all but?

  • 29
    Who was responsible for the Reichstag's fire?
  • 30
    How many communists were arrested/imprisoned after the Reichstag fire?

  • 31
    When was the Reichstag fire?
  • 32
    What gave police the power to search homes, confiscate property, and detain people without trial. It also prevented opponents of Nazis from holding public meetings and arrest communists.
  • 33
    What gave Hitler the power to ban 81 communists deputies and with support of other parties(Nationalists) & communists gone they had a ⅔ majority in the March 1933 elections
  • 34
    In the night of the long knives Himmler and Goering convinced Hitler Rohm was a threat to His power so he was killed who else was killed?
  • 35
    Hindenburg's died August 1934 led to Hitler becoming what? He was Now combined the office of Reich president and Reich Chancellor and unchallenged fuhr/leader of Germany

  • 36
    Some Christian ministers criticized the regime who was one of them? From 1933 onward, at least 11 attempts made to shoot/kill him with explosives.
  • 37
    ‘operation valkyrie’ . Claus von Stauffenberg (army officer) left a bomb in a briefcase then left room in east Prussia. What was this?
  • 38
    Hitler signed a _____ with catholic church allowing it to keep control of its schools if it stayed out of politics
  • 39
    Two people led a student group in Munich- white rose movement . They were executed in 1943 for anti-Nazi activities . Who were they?
  • 40
    What groups spread anti-Nazi propaganda and in 1944 took part in an attack where Gestapo officer was killed,
    some arrested and 12 publicly executed?

  • 41
    A paramilitary wing of the Social Democratic Party sabotaged railway lines and acted as spies who were they?
  • 42
    What was the secret police used to search out opponents?
    Informers were used to uncover any attempts to organise opposition and could arrest people on suspicion and torture them for information
    send to concentration camps without trial or explanation
  • 43
    Death Camps were Established after the______ Conference in January 1942 .
  • 44
    On April 24 1934, something new was introduced and tried 16,342 individuals and condemned 5,243 to death (most from 1942 onward).
  • 45
    Who was In charge of ministry for people's enlightenment and propaganda?
  • 46
    _______ rally (every summer)
    Brought colour/excitement to people's lives
    gave a sense of belonging to a great movement
  • 47
    In Berlin, German team won 33 gold, 26 silver, 30 bronze metals more than any other team. Jesse Owens, a black American won 4 gold medals and broke 11 world records. Where was this?
  • 48
    A Jew killed a German diplomat in Paris this was used as an excuse to launch revenge. 91 were murdered and hundreds of synagogues were burned, 20,000 taken to concentration camps. What was this called?

  • 49
    1942- Jews rounded up in Germany and rest of Europe and sent to extermination camps, what was this called?
  • 50
    Who was a Jewish refugee who also demonized and excluded groups of people from society?
  • 51
    Who were also target in Turkey during WW1?
  • 52
    What group was targeted in Africa by German colonists?
  • 53
    Who was targeted by their own government ( 1970s)?
  • 54
    What group was targeted by Serb Christians?
  • 55
    Who was targeted by Hutus in Rwanda ( 1990s) and called 'cockroaches by their African Hutu neighbors.

  • 56
    What groups were murderously targeted in Darfur by Arab militias from 2003?
  • 57
    What is totalitarian?
  • 58
    What was Leipzig Meuten?
  • 59
    What was the BDM?
  • 60
    Schools run by the Lander. What's Lander?

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