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The Supreme Court

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Well, since you've absorbed all the information in the PowerPoint, now it's time to put it to use! Try your best to complete this quiz with the highest score you can achieve. Remember, this is your government so you should at least understand some of the major points this branch has!

  • 1
    How long do oral arguments last for?
  • 2
    What are the three different types of court cases which the Supreme Court hears?
  • 3
    The Chief Justice is also chairman of

  • 4
    How many Justices serve at one given time?
  • 5
    Who is the Chief Justice of the United States?
  • 6
    Who is the oldest Justice at 86?

  • 7
    When was Marbury v. Madison heard before the Supreme Court?
  • 8
    What branch of government is the Supreme Court identified with?
  • 9
    Which amendment did Roe v. Wade deal with the most?
  • 10
    How long does a Supreme Court Justice serve for?

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