A quiz about LGBTQ+

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Ahem, just do it so I don't have to write some long janky description.

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    The B in LGBTQ+ stands for bigender.

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144 days ago
Hey all! This is the real John the John, except I’m no longer an edgy coronavirus queer, im now a full fledged lesbian with a girlfriend! Here are a few responses :)
- Demi-Girl Queen: sorrrrry 🤪
- Frank: I’m glad you liked it! Cool name btw!
- Progressive Butch: Thank you! I’m considering it!
-Lesbean lol: you underestimate yourself 🙁
-Moon: thanks for asking! I was assigned female at birth but identify as a polygender lesbian.

Hope that answered everybody! Thanks for taking this, and happy gay!
236 days ago
excuse me how did i get 6 out of 10 and im literally queer
463 days ago
It said that I either used Wikipedia or have half a brain. Me laughing to myself at 2 am
591 days ago
Hey John the John, really great quiz! You should keep making these.
627 days ago
got 9/10 ngl didnt think id get that much .-.
649 days ago
Sorry I meant assigned gender at birth.
649 days ago
John the John, sorry, if it is offensive, but are you a boy of a girl? If u are trans u can tell me your gender instead of your assigned👮at birth. And I also used to be pan but now I'm lesbian/bisexual with a preference for girls. And I'm a 10yr old girl.
664 days ago
So uh for the question about pansexuality: That's omnisexual, not pan. Pansexual is attraction towards someone regardless of gender, the only thing that matters is personality. Btw, I'm a lesbian (was pan when I made this).
740 days ago
how did i get 7/10 hahaha
748 days ago
Happy almost pride month!
755 days ago
7/10 😔 (this bit is just because the comment was too short)
773 days ago
I got 7/10 UwU I am so proud of myself 😄
806 days ago
I took this quiz about a month after making it and got 8/10.