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Rounding Decimals

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  • 1
    Round 6.874 to the nearest tenth
  • 2
    Round 0.84 to the nearest tenth
  • 3
    Which number below when rounded to the nearest hundredth will be 1.236?

  • 4
    Dion, Antonio, and Arianna ran a race. Dion ran the race in 5.674 seconds. Arianna ran in 5.78 seconds. Antonio ran in 5.742 seconds. When rounding to the nearest tenth, who would have a time of 5.7?
  • 5
    Five swimmers are entered into a competition. Four of the swimmers have had their turns. Their scores are 9.8 s, 9.75 s, 9.79 s, and 9.81 s. If the last swimmers score rounded to the tenths place is 9.9, what score below could be his score?
  • 6
    Ellen wanted to buy the following items: A DVD player for $49.95, a DVD holder for $19.95 and a personal stereo for $21.95. What would be the price of the DVD holder be rounded to the nearest dollar?

  • 7
    Round 6.85 to the nearest whole number.
  • 8
    What number below matches the clues given.
    * number is in the thounsandths place
    * is a mixed number
    * when rounded to the nearest tenths is 5.3
  • 9
    Round 3.76 to the nearest tenths?
  • 10
    Which number below when rounded to the nearest whole number is 6?

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i got 5/10... sounds like a bad score