Mathematics of Complicated Doom

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I am 12 and very intelligent, you might think just because I'm younger you think you more intelligent, hah, I laugh at you for thinking and saying that, I get straight A's, my hand writing is neater than my teacher's, and I'm a boy. If you think you can score a perfect on my test, you're an idiot; however, if you do ace my test, good for you and 2 thumbs up for you. Just because I'm a nerd, you think I'm weak! My black belt Kung-Fu skills will kick your butt; therefore, I'm not an ordinary nerd. GO NERDS! By the way, I'm in Grade 7, so if you are older and you fail my quiz, Hah hah to you.

  • 1
    Cos X x X 545= 1090
    Is this true? Yes No Maybe
  • 2
    The units of a soccer field are written down:
    Which is the correct formula for the perimeter
  • 3

  • 4
  • 5
    5 to the power of 4
  • 6
    What is x in an equation?

  • 7
    Round the first number to the nearest tens, second to the nearest millions, third to the nearest whole number then order from greatest to least.
    5,434,566 4,899,976 5,989,666.09999
  • 8
    1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1024+2048+4096+8192-6 776X3=x
  • 9
    Michael has a ball that is 2334mm. Cory has a ball that is 23.34dm. Alex has a ball that is 0.002334km. What is the same about their balls.
  • 10

    What does y and x equal?

  • 11
    Is 123673384449405558494558559 a:
  • 12
  • 13
    It is January 6 2004. Dave snowboards every 3 days. Jessica snowboards every 7 days. When will they snowboard on the same day for the fourth time?
  • 14
  • 15
    What is the probability of sleeping the following night.
  • 16
    Alison's marks were 80, 78, 100, 100, 89, 76, 98, 97, 99, 97. Her final mark was 91.4. What was used to determine the final mark. Mean, Median or Mode

  • 17
    What is the x for on a graph
  • 18
    y is a:
  • 19
    What the heck is x over 100 used for?
  • 20

  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
    What is equivalent to 3 over 4
  • 24
    10% 0f 37
  • 25
    Polly gave birth to sextuplets and the weight of the babies in pounds were, 6,6,7,6,9,12. Rachael gave birth to triplets and the weight of the babies in pounds were 16, 14, 15. If the weight of the 6 babies were put together and the weight of the 3 babies were put together. Which set of babies had more weight?
  • 26
    Factor the following polynomial:

  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
    Okay, here is the ultimate equation!
    Similarly, the difference of 2 vectors is found by subtracting corresponding coordinates.
    a=<2, 1>, b=<-3, 5>

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331 days ago
Acceptable, but you can do better.

You have correctly answered 20 of 30 questions.

On average, 322 of users who took the quiz gave 10.77 right answers.

Phew. And I'm 18 y.o.
356 days ago
He is not smart because he is boasting, google it!
389 days ago
I also think that you are stupid for thinking girls are dumber than boys. And getting straight As and having neat handwriting doesnt mean that you are smart. And I agree with Mad Person. If your so smart then you should be in a higher grade.
391 days ago
I also agree with all you people who called this kid stuck up
391 days ago
Dude, when is your birthday because I'm going to buy you some manners. Rude. Also, I dont believe your actually that smart you probably got those of the internet or something
411 days ago
Are you seriously saying that if you're a boy, that makes you smarter. Stuck up kid. Why did you put your age online? Never do that. Being mediocre at math doesn't make you a genius. Work on grammar for once. This is my forth language and I'm better at it than you. The composition of these problems are confusing. The use of "x" for a multiplication symbol is irrelevant. It is often used as a variable. One last thing: If you're a genius, why're you still in 7th grade. Getting straight A's is very common for 7th grade. It doesn't make you special. You're just some stuck-up. Guess what. Same age!
429 days ago
i assume that cos X is cosine of a variable X, but you use x as the multiplication sign, and you use lowercase x as your variable in your definition
511 days ago
no matter what age I am (even tho I’m also twelve) I will only be good at grammar and that’s about it! So therefore, I am a loser and you say. Oh, and also I’m also stupid
511 days ago
I meant "da mn" him where the heart was. So rude.
511 days ago
I picked random answers and it called me a LOSER!!!!!! So mean and rude! I hate this guy. 😍 him
516 days ago
First of all, it should be written with correct grammar. Second, this guy is WAY too stuck up. I am also 12, and I got 17/30. If you ask me, this guy probably just looked up questions on the Internet.
517 days ago
You are stuck up mister.I got all,right,it was easy but you are stuck up.
549 days ago
Learn to wright the english lexicon with correct grammer.
600 days ago
I really agree with @Confused Chick :>
600 days ago
the creator of this quiz is really rude, mk.
600 days ago
wow, that's a lot of ego for a 12 year old
604 days ago
I'd respect this quiz more if you actually showed your workings for the questions afterwards.
609 days ago
First of all, I did random just to get to the end, second of all I am also 12 and very spoiled but not nearly as rude and disrespectful as you. Idk how ur parents raised you but they did a horrible job
698 days ago
''The true sign of inteligence is not knowledge but imagination''

-Albert Einstein