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Am I Good at Math? Quiz

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So, you think you're good at math? Well, just take my quiz and find out if you're correct.

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    You have 15 marbles in a bag. 7 are blue. The rest are green. How many are green?

Comments (43)


567 days ago
Dude this is not algrebra stuff, this must be for kindergartens!
570 days ago
is this comment section filled with children or something? at least I'm a fan of those who are like "bruh this isnt calculus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
575 days ago
I got 9 / 10. some of the questions i didnt really know but--
603 days ago
I am smartest in my grade (yasss!), at math, anyway.
My BFFcan't even do this easy sum - 1/10 x $6.00
Then again, I did grade 5 twice! Stupid different academic years!
800 days ago
I was expecting stuff like finding rings of integers on hypercomplex numbers or lebesgue integration but... ok then.
805 days ago
well I was a 2cd grader when I made this I am the smartest guy in my class.
818 days ago
i got 9 out of 10 but it was easy so all good
907 days ago
I got like seven right and three wrong bruh I am dumb
937 days ago
I’m did horrible at the test But I’m sure if I keep doing it i will get better
1052 days ago
seriously i was expect questions like calculus and some tough geometry problems but nope...
1084 days ago
I got Great. 10/10 B)
1113 days ago
Trash. Easy ten out of ten and if you got one wrong and you are above 2nd grade then you have mental issues and should see a doctor.
1247 days ago
this test is not very right i wish it was better
1288 days ago
Why did one of questions ask about quantity, and then give me answers with currency?
RIP quiz maker
1297 days ago
I got 9 right No, it an a-
1307 days ago
Thanks for the quiz 😃
1341 days ago
this was DIFFICULT..
1343 days ago
This was an enjoyable quiz. It was easy, but I liked taking it. Thank you!
1381 days ago
Sarah said this test us outrageously difficult. It's not if you genuinely like math and have studied it properly. I tend to study math for fun though so I might be the exception.
1384 days ago
Your entire comment was absolutely hilarious, given that it's coming out of the mouth of someone who took an online "Are you good at math" test. I mean, I'm no better either though, haha.