On the motion of projectiles

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A short introductory quiz on projectile whose main focus is to test a conceptual understanding of the Galilean projectile trajectory with the exception of the tenth challenge question which was concocted in the dark pits of mathematical hell heheheheh.

  • 1
    Pretending air resistance doesn't exist, what shape does the trajectory of all projectiles trace out?
  • 2
    What *proof* is there to convince us that projectiles trace out a parabolic path?
  • 3
    Suppose a golfer wants to send his ball the furthest possible range from its starting position. What angle to the horizontal should he strike at?

  • 4
    At what point during a projectile's flight is its kinetic energy the least?
  • 5
    Which of the following isn't a type of projectile motion?
  • 6
    Suppose a projectile launched here on an earthly plane reaches a range of 200m.

    That same projectile is launched under all the same conditions, but on the moon instead where gravity is 1/6 of earth's How far will it go?

  • 7
    A kicked football reaches a range of of x(m). Suppose it is kicked again but with 1/6the vertical velocity but on the moon where gravity is g/6. In terms of x, what is the new range?
  • 8
    Which angle to the horizontal will maximise a projectile’s max height?
  • 9
    The flight time of a projectile launched from and landed at level ground is 10 seconds. how should the vertical launch velocity change to increase the flight time to 15 seconds?
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362 days ago
I have absolutely no ideaaaaaaaa. I took this because I was bored. What even is this?