How well do you know your HO3 4-91 Homeowner's Policy?
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How well do you know your HO3 4-91 Homeowner's Policy?

Do you know what's covered and what's not? Will you be shocked after you've filed a claim? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:What is the limit of coverage to remove tree debris that falls to your land due to a windstorm?
Wouldn't the whole removal bill be covered?
500.00 for each tree felled, unless endorsements add coverage.
500.00 total for each windstorm loss, unless endorsements add coverage.
500.00 total for each windstorm loss, provided debris hits covered property, unless endorsements add coverage.

Question 2:Is flood damage covered?
Only if the water backs up through an overfull drain in your yard.

Question 3:If your home burned down, and with the home burned up your grandfather's 1500.00 coin collection and 3000.00 cash you had in a coffee can, how much total could you collect in the claim?
Unless endorsements add coverage, 500.00 for coins and 1000.00 for cash.
Unless endorsements add coverage, 200.00 for coins and 200.00 for cash.
Unless endorsements add coverage, 200.00 for the total loss.

Question 4:Which of these losses would be covered?
A field mouse chews through and damages your ductwork.
Your pet dog pees on the carpet.
A raccoon claws the lining of your in ground swimming pool.

Question 5:Hail damages 1 slope of your roof. The policy is written to cover:
Only the damaged portion of the roof.
To replace the entire roof...mismatching shingles would devalue the home.
The cost to replace the entire roof less depreciation for age.

Question 6:Are motorized land conveyances (vehicles) covered?
Nope, never.
Only the types that do not need auto insurance.
Only recreational vehicles.
Only vehicles that are used to service the land or the handicapped.

Question 7:Your hot water tank bursts, and the basement carpet is flooded. Is it okay to call a water restoration company before you call in the claim?
Yes...doing so protects the home from further damage, and protecting your home from further damage is required by the policy.
No, doing so would hurt the chance of recovering in the claim.
No. The adjuster will need to see how wet the carpet is to determine damages.

Question 8:Which is a covered loss?
Your exotic fish destroyed in a tornado.
Your freshly planted vegetable garden frozen in a freak ice storm.
Your out of town aunt's luggage, stolen from your home, while she's visiting you.

Question 9:You have a jewelry set stolen the day after Christmas. The necklace is valued at 4000.00, the earrings at 2500.00, and the bracelet at 6000.00. What is the maximum you will be able to recover?
The current replacement cost of the jewelry.
The depreciated value (based on age) of the jewelry.
1000.00 each piece
1000.00 total for the theft incident.

Question 10:You accidentally drop a hammer through your antique glass-topped coffee table. Is this loss covered, and why or why not?
Yes it's're not penalized because it was an accident-type loss.
No. Antiques have to be covered with special coverage.
Yes. Any type damage is covered, but you'd only recover the current value of the table.
No. Personal belongings are covered on a 'named perils' basis. Dropping a hammer is not a 'named peril'.

Question 11:Is a car stereo covered?
If it's factory installed no; if it's custom installed, yes.
Only if it's not inside the car.

Question 12:You trip with a glass of wine in your hand. The wine spills on the carpet and the sofa. What would be covered?
Neither. Damaged caused by food is not covered.
Both. The policy is written to cover unintentional damage.
The carpet would be covered, the sofa would not be covered.

Question 13:You've gone on a very extensive vacation. The day before you're set to go home, a fire burns down the chalet. What's the maximum you could recover for the loss of the belongings you'd taken on the vacation?
10% of the limit of the coverage you have for personal property.
All of it.
The recoverable amount depends on the type property burned.

Question 14:A careless driver runs into and knocks down your brick fence.
None. You have to make a claim against the driver.
The replacement cost of the fence.
The depreciated value of the fence.

Question 15:Lightning caused damage to your computer, VCR and telephone. The items are beyond repair. What's the coverage?
There is no coverage.
Whatever it costs to replace these items with like kind and quality.
The depreciated value (according to age) of these items, unless endorsements provide replacement cost coverage.

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