The Goth Stereotype Quiz

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Everyone has their own idea of what goth is, and it varies depending on your age and where you are from. There are, however, false ideas that some people have about what it is to be goth. The following statements are all things I have heard others say about goths. Can you tell truth from lies?

  • 1
    All goths only wear black.
  • 2
    All goths are sad and depressed all the time.
  • 3
    All goths only listen to one type of music.

  • 4
    All goths like vampires.
  • 5
    All goths have black hair.
  • 6
    All goths wear crazy makeup.

  • 7
    There are no Christian goths.
  • 8
    All goths worship Satan.
  • 9
    Goths are individuals who just happen to like some of the same music, movies, style of dress, etc.
  • 10
    All goths like Marilyn Manson.

  • 11
    All goths view Marilyn Manson as the god of goth.
  • 12
    All goths are into blood.
  • 13
    All goths do some type of drugs and/or drink.
  • 14
    Goths can wear whatever they want, have any color of hair they want and listen to whatever kind of music they want.
  • 15
    Goths can only be white (sadly, I've heard this one before) Seriously, click false before I kick you.
  • 16
    Goth is great [just click true:)]

  • 17
    All goths drink blood at some point.
  • 18
    All goths sleep around.
  • 19
    All goths are dirty.
  • 20
    All goths have tattoos /body piercings.

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1107 days ago
Mostly great quiz here! Just to specify tho you have to like goth music to be a goth as that is the core of the sub culture. Obviously it isn't ALL you can listen to (I personally also like a bunch of sub genres of punk too, and some 80s music and showtunes), and as long as you like 4 or 5 bands you're good but like thought I'd add bc that is the signifier of what even makes you goth