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Can You Tell East/SE Asians Apart? Asian Faces Quiz

This test will show whether or not you're able to tell certain East-Southeast Asian nationalities apart. Hopefully, if you're not so unknowledgeable that you believe all people from this part of the world look the same, you can. Sorry the pics are a little small. Just zoom as much as possible (click on it to enlarge), and good luck!

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313 days ago
Yep..got 2 ..they all look alike just like 🐤id race..just saying
1181 days ago
Lol, I am Indonesian and got 7/10. It is easy for me. We have different facial features here, and that’s why many of us can make the difference if she belongs to our race (Malay), or maybe with Chinese admixtures or Thai and even another East Asian countries.
1376 days ago
I didn't expect that I could do well even though I'm chinese. I sometimes got so confusing as well. LOl
2067 days ago
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ask math if this is average