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This quiz has been designed as an accompaniment to a new training Highlight on mini-visuals. Keep in mind that the test will have viewed and reviewed the PPT before taking the test. Some issues that may appear to be 'skimming the surface' in the quiz will be covered in detail in the Highlight. Good luck!!

Question 1:Each mini-visual is important because it has immediate impact on our bottom line due to:
the building of our Mikasa brand by showing the vast array of product Mikasa stands for
the education provided to a customer to show how to decorate their home
all of the above
the persuasive power of the silent salesperson that creates an add-on sale

Question 2:The mini-visuals throughout your store have the strongest registration when they:
create a strong impact with coordinating accent product
are consistently signed with a 5x7 display listing sign
are placed at a consistent eye level matched to the 5 foot 4inch height of our average customer
all of the above

Question 3:A successful mini-visual must have:
coordinating common prop as a textural enhancement
color-coordinated linens to give strength to the display
enough air space around the display so the customer is not overwhelmed

Question 4:Which of the following is a proper product choice for a mini-visual:
dinnerware pattern with serve sets in stock and place settings expected on the next truck
new shipment of off-assortment hollowware
new dinnerware pattern with small minimums of back stock

Question 5:The shape of a crystal bowl or vase can be enhanced by using the following accent product:
small topiary tree in a formal, English Garden style
colored marbles or beaded fruit
silver charger
all of the above

Question 6:A crystal mini-visual must consist of:
a triple repeat of the best-selling, highest inventory item on the fixture
one of each comp in a pattern
a collection of important singular items of similar style and cut

Question 7:The foundation of a dinnerware mini-visual is the primary product, consisting of:
place setting, stemware, flatware, serve set, charger, linens, common prop
place setting, stemware, flatware, serve set, charger, common prop
place setting, stemware, flatware and a serve set
place setting, stemware, flatware, serve set, charger, linens

Question 8:A dinnerware mini-visual is enhanced through accent product, consisting of:
coordinating linens to bring out the color of the dinnerware
one well-coordinated common prop to increase the add-on sale
charger plate as a backdrop or frame to the dinner plate
coordinating flatware with the dinnerware pattern printed on the handles

Question 9:In a dinnerware mini-visual, which components are faced out in a plate stand:
dinner plate, soup bowl, salad plate
dinner plate, soup bowl, charger
dinner plate, soup bowl, salad plate, charger
dinner plate, soup bowl, salad plate, buffet platter

Question 10:When a customer reads a dinnerware mini-visual from left to right she will see:
serve set, faced out place setting, stems, tea cup/saucer, common prop
common prop, tea cup/saucer, stems, faced out place setting, serve set
common prop, serve set, faced out place setting, stems, tea cup/saucer
serve set, faced out place setting, stems, tea cup/saucer, common prop

Question 11:When may you eliminate a serve set from a mini-visual:
high inventory of other accessories and not enough room on the shelf
the same body serve set is displayed somewhere else in the wall

Question 12:The same common prop element must be placed and repeated:
in every mini-visual within a lifestyle shop
in every mini-visual on fixtures along the main traffic loop only
in every mini-visual around the entire store

Question 13:From mini-visual to mini-visual, the stemware pattern chosen must:
be exactly the same color and pattern as those in the previous mini-visual for continuity
follow a pattern of placement dictated by lifestyle shop size, arrangement of fixtures and current stock levels
alternate color and pattern in every other mini-visual in a lifestyle shop

Question 14:The proper size and style sign for a mini-visual is:
3x4 dinnerware sign
5x7 pattern listing sign
5x7 display listing sign
11x17 promotional graphic

Question 15:The ideal size of the space created in a wall for a mini-visual is:
18' high
18' high
24' high
12' high

This Quiz has been designed by b. smith.