The Easy Paranormal Quiz
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The Easy Paranormal Quiz

So, how much do you know about the paranormal?

Question 1:   When did the Roswell crash take place?

Question 2:   If I told you that last night in my room I'd seen the shape of a human and it was darker than the dark, what would you say?
You saw a shadow person
You saw a demon
You saw a maleviolent spirit
You saw a skinwalker
Get your head checked, you nutcase!

Question 3:   The name Chupacabra means:
Mexican Curse
The One Who Comes in the Night
Burrito with all the fixings
Goat Sucker

Question 4:   Which of the following is there NO evidence of?
Humans living millions of years before what's taught
Ancient planes
Ancient people having modern knowledge of the solar system
Ancient recordings of music
Ancient batteries

Question 5:   Your house is haunted and you're on Sightings. Who's coming over?
Loren Coleman
Whitley Strieber
Peter James
Robert Bakker
Bobcat Goldthwait

Question 6:   Which of the following is NOT a real cryptid?
Monkey Man
Dover Demon
Skunk Ape
Texas Gremlin

Question 7:   Kecksburg is famous for:
Everything. It's Weirdsville, USA
A haunting
Nothing, it's Kentsburg
The Kecksburg Creature
A UFO crash

Question 8:   Sewer workers have reported seeing what strange creature?
A 6 foot long rat
The Iginsi
The ghost of Susan Henderson
None of these

Question 9:   Which of the following DID reportedly happen?
A woman in a coma began reciting exactly what was being said on her family's tv at home
A pterodactyl staggered out of some rocks that were being mined
A man got onto a roller coaster and when the ride stopped he was gone forever
The abominable snowman made a disco album
A man was killed and eaten by a Loch Ness Monster type creature

Question 10:   What is the name of the dinosaur that supposedly still lives in Africa?

Question 11:   The MJ-12 Documents are about:
Psychic ability
Time travel

Question 12:   Which is NOT real reported phenomena?
People driving by a graveyard and becoming possessed after breathing in a spirit
People recording silence and then hearing 'ghostly' voices on the tape
Rains of toads
Giant catfish
Astronauts seeing UFOs

Question 13:   Who are the Men in Black?
Creepy guys who work for the government's UFO Task Force
Creepy guys who are often seen lurking around during alien abductions
Silent men who are seen at UFO crash sites days or weeks later
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
Creepy guys who show up at UFO witnesses' houses

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