Astral Projection (AP) and Out of Body Experience (OBE) Quiz
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Astral Projection (AP) and Out of Body Experience (OBE) Quiz

Do you believe that a person's astral body can leave their physical body? Probably not, I didn't think so for a while, either, but it IS possible, and, in fact, natural. It is something anyone can do, and once that is achieved, you can learn all sorts of things that it is impossible to know in the physical world. You can travel back in time and watch events, explore space, the oceans... Well, this quiz is to see how much you already know about AP and OBEs. If you don't know much, take it anyway, you may learn something new!

Question 1:   What is the difference between APs and OBEs?
In AP, your body must be completely asleep and your conscious mind awake, and when you do project, you are in the astral dimension, whereas, in an OBE, you are out of your body, but in the physical world.
In an OBE, your body must be asleep, and your mind awake, and are in the astral dimension. In an AP, you are in the physical world with real time.
There is no difference, they are just two different terms.
An OBE, you are in your ethereal body, and in AP, you are in your astral body.

Question 2:   Which of these techniques is considered the easiest by many experts in AP/OBE?
The ROPE technique
The Mirror technique
Visualizing your astral body out of the physical

Question 3:   Although some people are able to project after trying for the first time, and others sometimes have to try for years without success, on AVERAGE how long does it take someone to learn?
2 weeks
1 year
1 month
3 months

Question 4:   What is the most common sensation felt when about the astral body is about to split from the physical?

Question 5:   When practicing for OBE/AP, why is it recommended that you keep a dream journal?
Your dreams can have hidden meanings of OBEs.
It helps increase your memory and develops the charkas.
If you keep track of your dreams, it is more likely that you will realize you were dreaming (or at least have a lucid dream), and will be able to wake up, hopefully in the astral.

Question 6:   What are charkas?
Another name for vibrations.
Another name for the different parts of your astral body.
Put simply, astral organs (e.g. third eye, heart charka).
The force that holds you astral body to your physical one.

Question 7:   Who is probably the most famous person to deal with OBEs/APs?

Question 8:   Why aren't OBEs widely accepted by the majority of the population?
There's no "physical proof" that people these days seem to need to believe in ANYTHING.
All of these
We are so busy with our hectic lives that we rarely slow down to explore a more spiritual side of everything.
Society trains us out of believing that such things are possible.

Question 9:   Why is projecting such a difficult thing to do?
Because it's unnatural, the body doesn't normally do it.
We are being tested by higher beings to see if we are worthy enough to project.
Because we have been trained out of it. Many people DO have experiences when they are very young, but society crushes these, saying that it's simply childhood nonsense.

Question 10:   What stops some people from being able to project?
Their astral body has too tight a hold on their physical.
Fear of the unknown often makes a person stop, even though nothing in the astral can hurt them.
Physical pain hinders the ability to have an OBE.

Question 11:   What is the name for the things in the astral that can be annoying, and try to scare you, but are virtually harmless?
Negative spirits
Astral entities
Astral waste
Negative entities

Question 12:   After the first time you split from your physical body, what is recommended you do?
Explore as much as possible, soar through the galaxies, go back in time, talk to astral beings.
Explore, but don't overdo it.
Just float around in the room you are in, explore yourself a bit, but don't leave the room.

Question 13:   What percent of the population is said to have OBEs and APs?

Question 14:   What is a recommended technique for making the body fall asleep while keeping the mind awake?
ROPE technique
Swaying technique
Falling technique
Feeling your heart beat or picturing a beating heart in you mind's eye.

Question 15:   Do you believe that APs and OBEs are real?
No way!
Go back to the nuthouse where you came from.
Yes/ I'm not sure, but it seems possible/ yes, after taking this quiz it seems like they could be real.

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