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Electrical Engineering

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  • 1
    Which of the following systems uses “Assembly language”?

  • 2
    Coefficient of performance of a refrigerator that consumes 800 watts of power to remove heat at a rate of 5
    BTU per second.
  • 3
    Humming happening in a Transformer due to

  • 4
    Surge voltage originate in a power system due to
  • 5
    Uninterruptable power system (UPS) has to be connected to the network by
  • 6
    Which of the following is used in rectifying circuits

  • 7
    What is the sum of the interior angles of a hexagon?
  • 8
    The main difference between MOSFET and BJT is
  • 9
    Output impedance in a cascaded amplifier is:
  • 10
    CMOS is better than BJT because it has

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