The SCIENCE Quiz IV: Extreme Physics

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The name says it all! Take the first three SCIENCE quizzes though before you do this.

  • 1
    A baryon is...
  • 2
    A gluon is...
  • 3
    A neutrino is...

  • 4
    Top quarks and charm quarks both have a charge of...
  • 5
    The theory of special relativity is composed of how many postulates?
  • 6
    As an object approaches the speed of light, length contractions will be viewed...

  • 7
    According to relativity, moving clocks tick more slowly than static clocks.
  • 8
    Cosmic strings, if they exist, would be thinner than an atom and line the entire universe.
  • 9
    Any mass...
  • 10
    It is possible for a frame of reference to be stationary.

  • 11
    No two events occurring in separate frames of reference can be simultaneous.
  • 12
    The first anti-matter particle discovered was the...
  • 13
    According to the Big Bang theory, before the universe was born matter existed only as free quarks.
  • 14
    In E=mc^2, m cannot have a negative value.
  • 15
    When antimatter contacts normal matter, radiation travels out from the explosion at...

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